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New show due this weekend

Just a quick note to remind you that the next thrilling instalment of Blues Train live, is coming at you this Sunday, the 29th January, 6-7pm UK time on . From there, you can click the ‘listen now’ button just below the webcam image – you can also watch me try and keep the […]

Look! It’s here!

At last…after what seemed like about 4 weeks….[ well, it pretty much was ] …here is the latest Blues Train for your enjoyment and entertainment! Playlist: Son Roberts – How Far [ CD: Tell That Story ] Innes Sibun – It Takes Time [ Sessions ] Scotty McKnight – It’s The Blues [ EP […]

Every other Sunday!

Up until now, the first Blues Train on FromeFM live each month has been on a Saturday night between 7-8pm. However, as of February 12th, this show will be switching over to the next day, Sunday afternoons between 4.30-5.30pm on The reason behind this is pretty much due to family commitments and will allow […]

Announcing…’One To Watch’

New year, new thoughts! While still a bit limited with a fortnightly show, it has given me a bit more room to play with and so one idea I’d like to try, is to have a featured band/artist each month over the two shows. This won’t necessarily be a brand new release or even a […]

Now on the Official Blues Ring…

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