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Show Times

As I’m a bit awkward by not being able to do this every week at the minute, I guess I should try and tell you when the Train hits the tracks!

Firstly – FromeFM.co.uk is where I premiere the show first and foremost – the first show each month will be on a Sunday 4.30-5.30pm UK time and two weeks later, I switch to Sunday 6-7pm.  If you visit the FFM website, then Programmes < Music < Blues Train page, you will find all my previous programmes to listen to again at any time. Even better still, you can subscribe via iTunes, by clicking the small logo on the page – then all shows will download to your iPod and you wont miss any!

Blues Train

Presented by Dave Watkins

Subscribe:  Subscribe to this podcast with iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/fromefm-blues-train/id482994881

Follow this link to see all dates for all Sunday shows up until December 2012: http://fromefm.co.uk/fromefmonline/2011radiofromefmonline.pdf – look at the GREEN SUNDAY & YELLOW SUNDAY schedules.

Also of course, the show is available on two other stations:

KCOR plays the show every Thursday at 8pm UK time as its main slot, plus a couple of other times that can change. Check the schedule here: http://kconlineradio.com/program_graph.html

CHARLIETOWN BLUES  – The Blues Train will roll out of the station on Fridays @ 10:00AM CT [ 4pm UK ]and Tuesdays @ 1:00PM CT [ 7pm UK ] for the Blues lovers across the pond.

If you are still unsure, please make sure you join the Facebook group for updates on upcoming shows!

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