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Blues Train Four now available PLAYLIST: Marcus Malone – Let The Sunshine In The Bart Walker Band – Left Turn Ian Siegal & The Young Sons – Moonshine Minnie The Delta Flyers – 61 Highway Blues Krissy Matthews – Hit The Rock n Roll The Car The Motives feat. Matt Taylor – Never Tell A Lie The Geoff Everett […]


So far, we have only been able to pre-record Blues Train each month, due to various reasons. This has been done just a couple of days ahead of broadcast and is done ‘as live’ for editing purposes but we have obviously lacked the opportunity to interact with anyone listening live. The good news is, as […]

Blues Train 3 now online…. Apologies for the late posting of this link – will be active until around the 23rd April and from then, via the BLUES TRAIN programme page at The full playlist will be added soon…..