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New show sponsor announced!

Blues Train has a sponsor! And I am here to announce them! Drum roll…….

A MASSIVE thank you to Tom and the team at Red Dragon Records for agreeing to back me and the show – it means a great deal to me that someone I don’t even know, would want to do this! I guess it is a sign that they can see what I am trying to do and feel that I am worth backing! They are actually backing FromeFM also by the way!

You can find them at their newly revamped website: http://www.reddragonrecords.com/#/home/

Their company profile and description of what they are there for: http://www.reddragonrecords.com/#/company-profile/

Red Dragon Records are closely linked to ACOUSTIC SPECTRUM radio and TV and it was via these links that I was able to do this. Both are backing new and indie artists and as that is what I try and do, hopefully we can all work together in a positive way. Ironically, Red Dragon don’t do much blues at the moment! But there are exciting plans in place in far flung places that could bring something totally different to Blues Train, so watch this space!

So thanks again to the team and from the September 23rd show, we will be officially linked!

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