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Cheap Street, Frome

To anyone outside of Frome, Somerset, it is probably a town that no-one has heard of and has no idea on how great the place is to live! So I thought I would start a page that will show you a little bit of info, so you can have a look and have some idea of where Blues Train comes from.

The first thing I have to say, is that you pronounce the name as ‘FROOM’, not as in ‘Frome rhymes with Home’! The Wikipedia page has loads of information to have a look at, so if it floats your boat, have a look at the following link:


There are some cool pictures on that link as well, so check it out. Our most famous export at the minute, is Jenson Button, the former Formula One World Champion, who grew up here and still mentions us occasionally. A controversial footbridge was opened and named after him earlier in 2011.

Button Bridge

I did mention his name to a couple of our American listeners and they had never heard of him! So click this link to see who he is:


More links:

http://www.frome-tc.gov.uk/ is the main town council website with all main information on, just in case you wish to visit!

http://www.fromefestival.co.uk/ the fantastic annual Frome Festival website

http://www.fromepeople.co.uk/home a general website with loads going on.


And finally, above is the venue where it all happens! The Old Fire Station [ which really was that once upon a time ]. We now have nice logo’s and displays in the window but hope you’ll get the idea!



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