Announcing…’One To Watch’

New year, new thoughts! While still a bit limited with a fortnightly show, it has given me a bit more room to play with and so one idea I’d like to try, is to have a featured band/artist each month over the two shows.

This won’t necessarily be a brand new release or even a brand new artist but maybe someone who hasn’t been played for a while on the show, so chance for a catch up.

Of course it could also mean a new album has arrived that has so many good tracks on, that it needs to be heard a lot!

So…for January, I will announce the first ‘One To Watch’ over the next few days…a clue? BBBB!

Another idea I want to expand on this year, is specials dedicated to particular themes. I enjoyed putting the TRAIN show together, so some other styles might include boogie, or slow blues, for example. I will also feature the scenes in particular territories – already planning for Northern Ireland, Australia and New Zealand…will then start to look across Europe too…they might be for the full hour, or just a section of a show. But look out for the first of these special themes soon!

Lastly, if you would like to hear any particular artists, old or new, on the show, please let me know. Leave a comment below or contact me on Facebook.


2 comments on “Announcing…’One To Watch’

  1. Hi Dave, I now have a computer at home and can listen to Bluestrain. Hope all goes well.

    Martin (Poole)

  2. Hi Dave – remember me? Appeared on your first show. Not been heard since!! Stick me on in a corner somewhere please…
    Got a new album coming out soon. Will send you a copy. Brendan O’Neil ( Rory G and 9 Below 0 ) on drums; Alan Glen ( 9 Below, Yardbirds etc ) on Harp. A contribution on it from Erky Grant ( I’m A Hog For You – UK 1960’s single ). He’s 80 years old now!
    Keep up the good work.
    Geoff Everett

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