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I have just started to produce a newsletter for Blues Train – the idea is that maybe once or twice a month, I can send out the latest news and links regarding the show. I like to think that it makes things look a bit more polished, while making sure people have the playlists, the links to the latest show and anything else that has happened recently.

Click the links and have a look! If you wish to be added to the mailing list, either leave a comment here with your email address, or contact me at BluesTrainRadio@gmx.com

January 22nd 2012: http://mim.io/14cc32?fe=1&pact=7303741082

December 18th: http://mim.io/d35e12?fe=1&pact=6870000051

November 28th: http://mim.io/f91202?fe=1&pact=6466370486

November 5th: http://mim.io/aceee1?fe=1&pact=6139039254

OCTOBER newsletter: http://www.mim.io/f150d1?fe=1&pact=5713664586

SEPTEMBER newsletter: http://mim.io/320791?fe=1&pact=5301995858

AUGUST newsletter: http://mim.io/3ea761?fe=1&pact=4866353391

JULY newsletter: http://mim.io/02cf41?fe=1&pact=4469444155

JUNE newsletter – http://mim.io/6bea31?fe=1&pact=4134173907

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