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NEWS update…

Apologies for the lack of recent updates on the blog, things have been really busy elsewhere with FromeFM bits and pieces and a laptop issue which meant limited time to do this! Over the next week or so, rest assured that I will be updating the playlists etc to make things as up to date as possible. Things have been happening so fast in the world of Blues Train, it has been hard to keep up!

For example….my recent Ladies Special show gained great feedback from new listeners and old, which was just what I like to hear! The playlist for that show was one of my very best and yet again opened the boundaries of what I have been featuring. It’s not ‘just’ blues, its so much more these days and when people tell me they are hearing new artists to them and liking them, that is my job done!

My show this weekend just gone saw me being able to give away a couple of signed Deborah Magone http://www.deborahmagone.com/#all CDs, the first time I’ve been able to do this. Over the next few shows, I will have further offers for you too! Whitney Shay http://www.whitneyshay.com CDs are on the way, so look out for a feature on the September 23rd show. That day, if I can learn the ropes, I hope to also be talking to the wonderful Laura Vane http://www.lauravane.com/1/Home.html on the phone and then in early October, I will be featuring artists on the great new label from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Let’s Riot Records…and hopefully will be able to offer a CD as a prize too. https://www.facebook.com/LetsRiotMusic

I am also about to book in a session with Andy Fraser [ founder member of Free ] and his young blues protege, TOBI. Check a YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJ3LfJxvNzA and www.tobiofficial.com – this is due to be recorded on September 25th and will be aired as a stand alone 30 minute special soon after.

Look out then for the build up to the first Frome Blues Festival on October 21st – http://fromebluesfestival.co.uk/

My Facebook group has now hit the 650 mark, which is amazing, with new additions nearly daily…most of whom are word of mouth visitors. Recent new listeners have told me they love the show, in places such as Greece and across the US. Thanks to you all and please keep spreading the word – the more people listen, the more get to hear the great artists that I play!

One comment on “NEWS update…

  1. Once you’re on the train, you know the station.
    Cheers Dave

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