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Blues Train is evolving….


I don’t want to be like the other shows….I want to offer something that no-one is doing…I want to produce a 60 minute mix of blues and roots that is perfect to download to your mp3 player, or to provide a soundtrack while you surf the net. Not everyone has time to listen to a two hour show…however good they are. I want people to download BT every fortnight and know they will be hearing great music, some of which won’t be heard on another blues show.

My recent dealings with Acoustic Spectrum, Fatea Showcases, R2 Magazine etc, has opened my ears to great music that isn’t straight blues. I feel that by ‘just’ offering blues every show, I am only limiting myself and limiting my listeners. I can’t ‘compete’ with the big weekly shows, so why try. But they won’t be able to offer what I can either!

So from this weekends show, be prepared to go on an adventure! Lets explore some folk, some acoustic, some roots…lets see what happens when we do. I feel my listeners are prepared to expand horizons and many already do. A train can stop at many stations….so book yourself a place on board!

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Jo Harman podcast

I would like to cordially invite you to enjoy the latest BLUES TRAIN RADIO podcast – my guest for the whole hour is one of THE rising stars of the UK soul and blues scene, JO HARMAN! –  http://joharman.com/ – Not only do we play three of Jo’s own songs, including a very early play of her new single, she chooses some of the songs that have inspired her along the way and we have a nice chat about music and scones! Please have a listen if you can and feel free to share the link to anyone who will enjoy these great tunes.
Jo Harman and Company – Through the Night [ CD: Live at Hideaway ]
Foy Vance – be with me [ Hope ]
Mavis Staples – will the circle be unbroken [ Have A Little Faith ]
Jo Harman and Company – Sweet Man Moses w/ Watersign Horns [ Worthy Of Love EP ]
Muddy Waters – I just wanna make love to you [ Electric Mud ]
Solomon Burke – don’t give up on me [ Don’t Give Up On Me ]
Etta James – Somethings Got A Hold On Me [ Somethings Got A Hold On Me Vol 2 ]
Jo Harman and Company – Worthy Of Love [ Worthy Of Love EP ]
http://mad.ly/f126a2?mimi2=1&pact=9545653608&fe=1 is my brand new newsletter – have a look for the latest stuff about the show!

Blues Train episode 24

Here you go, first chance to hear the latest show – Blues Train 24 -anyone who heard any technical hitches on the live version will be pleased to know they have been ironed out on this!



Hat Fitz and Cara – Power [ CD: Wiley Ways ]
Mark Easton – Moving On [ Grind ]
Lisa Biales – Watch Out Baby Don’t Cry [ Just Like Honey ]
JT Coldfire – Tired Mans Blues [ Always and Never ]
Exclusive announcement of Nominees for Overseas Artist at the British Blues Awards 2012
Dara – Judgement Day [ Dara ]
Dylan Walshe – Your Belly Not Mine [ Sessions ]
A Ton Of Blues – Colleen [ Crooked Avenue ]
The Motives feat. Matt Taylor – If You Were Gone [ S/T ]
Announcement of Blues Train section winner for Original British Song, British Blues Awards 2012
Laurence Jones – Gotta Get Back Up [ Thunder In The Sky ]
Paint It Blue – Not Gonna Lose My Faith [ S/T ]
Richard Staines and Satinder Grewal [ Maharaja Blues EP ]

Please feel free to share this with lots of people!

Next show is on May 20th with special guest Jo Harman! 6-7pm UK http://www.fromefm.co.uk

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British Blues Awards – Overseas Artist nominees

On my show earlier, I was lucky enough to be able to exclusively announce the names nominated in the Overseas Artist section in the British Blues Awards. Just to now confirm in writing:

Voting will start on the 31st of May.

Overseas Artist
Buddy Whittington
Eugene “Hideaway” Bridges
Joe Bonamassa
Matt Anderson
Philip Sayce
Walter Trout
Keep an eye out at http://britishbluesawards.com/#/nominations/4563707994 for more news on the awards…..
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Big news round up!

Apologies for the lack of updates over the last week or so, been having tooth problems so a bit laid low! Anyway, now I have a few minutes, here is a quick round up of news for the show:

1: The next live show is coming up this weekend, May 6th, between 4.30-5.30pm on FromeFM.co.uk – on this one, I will be rounding up as much of the new music that has been submitted as I possibly can in one hour! Sadly, I never have enough time to play everything I am given, so apologies for this but everything that is sent, is listened to and even if I can’t find room in the main show, I will try and plug the artist somewhere online. I am always hugely grateful for anything that is sent.

2: I now know the winner of the Blues Train section of Best Original British Song in the British Blues Awards – between Navacross, Liam Tarpey Band, Dove and Boweevil and Simon McBride. At least three of those acts were very active on the social media sites and I thank them all for plugging the vote so well. So tune in to find out the winner who will go through to the final national vote at the end of May.

3: I will also be EXCLUSIVELY revealing the nominations in the BEST OVERSEAS ARTIST in the British Blues Awards! I sadly won’t have time to play a track from each artist but will give you a run down of the runners and riders and to be honest, you will all know these artists very well anyway.

4: Advance notice for my show on May 20th and what a coup I have for you! The wonderful talent of JO HARMAN will be paying a visit to the FromeFM studio for this one and its something a bit different. Jo will be in conversation for the whole show and is hopefully going to be sharing some of her fave songs from her record collection with you. Fingers crossed that we may also have something special of her own as well. So please book in May 20th 6-7pm, pour yourself a brew and have a listen!


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Matt Woosey on Blues Train plus podcast link

Here is the podcast link for my latest show, featuring Matt Woosey in session, playing two tracks live and having a chat. One of THE best vocal talents going, you really should check him out!

Latest show is here: http://fromefm.co.uk/pcasts/media/120422-bluestrain-bluestrain2.mp3

Dani Wilde – The Burning Truth [ CD: Juice Me Up ]
Royal Southern Brotherhood – Fire On The Mountain [ S/T ]
Bonnie Mac Blues Band – Wild Women Dont Get The Blues [ Sessions ]
Harpin’ Wolf and the Black Sheep – Combination Boogie [ Live Demo ]
Matt Woosey – Cruel Disposition – live in the studio
Matt Woosey – Black Smoke Rising – live in the studio
Lewis Hamilton and the Boogie Brothers – Like A Burning Tree [ Empty Roads ]
Davide Panozzo – Stone Marten Blues [ Born Electric ]
The 44s – Slip Slide N Thing [ Americana ]
The Some X Six Band – The Hoodoo Shake [ The Hoodoo Shake ] – excerpt.

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Eddie Martin podcast and playlist

Visit Eddie's website by clicking me!

http://fromefm.co.uk/pcasts/media/120408-bluestrain-bluestrain1.mp3 is the direct podcast link to hear Blues Train 22 in all its glory!

Special studio guest: EDDIE MARTIN
Ma Polaine’s Great Decline – The Wrong Side [ CD – EP ]
Nico Wayne Toussaint – One Fine Day [ Lonely Number ]
Liam Tarpey Band – Krypto Blues [ Warm Up My Bones ]
Dove and Boweevil – Bourbon Street [ Getting Somewhere ]
Eddie Martin Big Band – Frog In The Long Grass – [ Looking Forward Looking Back ]
Eddie Martin interview
Eddie Martin – live in the studio – Clouds Across The Sun ( Rebound Juliet ) – [ original version on Folk and Blues ]
Eddie Martin Big Band – Wannabe Me [ Looking Forward Looking Back ]
Simon McBride – Down To The Wire [ Nine Lives – Live ]
Navacross – Don’t Shout [ Navacross ]

Next live show is April 22nd when my studio guest will be Matt Woosey, check him out! http://www.mattwoosey.co.uk/

Also, please vote in the British Blues Awards too: http://britishbluesawards.co.uk/fromefm

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