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Blues Train repeat slot details…

So…one of the issues of the show, is that I am only on every other Sunday and at two different times. This makes it hard for potential listeners to get used to…and makes the show easily missed, unless I plug it to bits on Facebook! But I wanted to remind you of the fact that the repeats on other platforms DO have regular weekly time slots and one of them might just suit you!

Kansas City Online Radio http://www.kconlineradio.com/ – the main regular time slot is every Thursday 8-9pm UK time or 2pm CT US time. I am often in the chatbox there too, so would love some company some time please….I don’t bite and feedback is always welcomed. Schedules can be seen here for UK http://www.bluesinthesouth.com/KCOR/ and here for US times http://www.kconlineradio.com/programming.htm

Charlietown Blues http://ctownblues.com/ – you can hear me twice during each week – Tuesday 7-8pm UK / 1pm CT US and Friday 4-5pm UK / 10am CT US.

RAG-FM http://ragfm.com/ is based in New Zealand and offers any listeners from that part of the world a chance to hear me at a decent time! This is played every first and third Sunday’s at 7-8pm NZ time, which I believe is 6am UK time [?].

Acoustic Spectrum http://www.acoustic-spectrum.co.uk/listen-here/ is a new UK station playing all kinds of new and indie music and is definitely worth trying if you want to explore new sounds. Blues Train is on air every Wednesday 8-9pm.

So…you can, in theory, hear the show on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday on various stations! And you never know, I could eventually creep into the other days too!

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