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Blues Train is evolving….


I don’t want to be like the other shows….I want to offer something that no-one is doing…I want to produce a 60 minute mix of blues and roots that is perfect to download to your mp3 player, or to provide a soundtrack while you surf the net. Not everyone has time to listen to a two hour show…however good they are. I want people to download BT every fortnight and know they will be hearing great music, some of which won’t be heard on another blues show.

My recent dealings with Acoustic Spectrum, Fatea Showcases, R2 Magazine etc, has opened my ears to great music that isn’t straight blues. I feel that by ‘just’ offering blues every show, I am only limiting myself and limiting my listeners. I can’t ‘compete’ with the big weekly shows, so why try. But they won’t be able to offer what I can either!

So from this weekends show, be prepared to go on an adventure! Lets explore some folk, some acoustic, some roots…lets see what happens when we do. I feel my listeners are prepared to expand horizons and many already do. A train can stop at many stations….so book yourself a place on board!

Don’t forget! You can subscribe to the show on iTunes, so you will never miss an episode. If you do this, feel free to leave a nice comment and rating 🙂
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