Blues Train episode 24

Here you go, first chance to hear the latest show – Blues Train 24 -anyone who heard any technical hitches on the live version will be pleased to know they have been ironed out on this!



Hat Fitz and Cara – Power [ CD: Wiley Ways ]
Mark Easton – Moving On [ Grind ]
Lisa Biales – Watch Out Baby Don’t Cry [ Just Like Honey ]
JT Coldfire – Tired Mans Blues [ Always and Never ]
Exclusive announcement of Nominees for Overseas Artist at the British Blues Awards 2012
Dara – Judgement Day [ Dara ]
Dylan Walshe – Your Belly Not Mine [ Sessions ]
A Ton Of Blues – Colleen [ Crooked Avenue ]
The Motives feat. Matt Taylor – If You Were Gone [ S/T ]
Announcement of Blues Train section winner for Original British Song, British Blues Awards 2012
Laurence Jones – Gotta Get Back Up [ Thunder In The Sky ]
Paint It Blue – Not Gonna Lose My Faith [ S/T ]
Richard Staines and Satinder Grewal [ Maharaja Blues EP ]

Please feel free to share this with lots of people!

Next show is on May 20th with special guest Jo Harman! 6-7pm UK http://www.fromefm.co.uk

2 comments on “Blues Train episode 24

  1. Can you geave me an email so a can send you one cd from a great guitar player so you can make a review?

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