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Big news round up!

Apologies for the lack of updates over the last week or so, been having tooth problems so a bit laid low! Anyway, now I have a few minutes, here is a quick round up of news for the show:

1: The next live show is coming up this weekend, May 6th, between 4.30-5.30pm on FromeFM.co.uk – on this one, I will be rounding up as much of the new music that has been submitted as I possibly can in one hour! Sadly, I never have enough time to play everything I am given, so apologies for this but everything that is sent, is listened to and even if I can’t find room in the main show, I will try and plug the artist somewhere online. I am always hugely grateful for anything that is sent.

2: I now know the winner of the Blues Train section of Best Original British Song in the British Blues Awards – between Navacross, Liam Tarpey Band, Dove and Boweevil and Simon McBride. At least three of those acts were very active on the social media sites and I thank them all for plugging the vote so well. So tune in to find out the winner who will go through to the final national vote at the end of May.

3: I will also be EXCLUSIVELY revealing the nominations in the BEST OVERSEAS ARTIST in the British Blues Awards! I sadly won’t have time to play a track from each artist but will give you a run down of the runners and riders and to be honest, you will all know these artists very well anyway.

4: Advance notice for my show on May 20th and what a coup I have for you! The wonderful talent of JO HARMAN will be paying a visit to the FromeFM studio for this one and its something a bit different. Jo will be in conversation for the whole show and is hopefully going to be sharing some of her fave songs from her record collection with you. Fingers crossed that we may also have something special of her own as well. So please book in May 20th 6-7pm, pour yourself a brew and have a listen!


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