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Eddie Martin podcast and playlist

Visit Eddie's website by clicking me!

http://fromefm.co.uk/pcasts/media/120408-bluestrain-bluestrain1.mp3 is the direct podcast link to hear Blues Train 22 in all its glory!

Special studio guest: EDDIE MARTIN
Ma Polaine’s Great Decline – The Wrong Side [ CD – EP ]
Nico Wayne Toussaint – One Fine Day [ Lonely Number ]
Liam Tarpey Band – Krypto Blues [ Warm Up My Bones ]
Dove and Boweevil – Bourbon Street [ Getting Somewhere ]
Eddie Martin Big Band – Frog In The Long Grass – [ Looking Forward Looking Back ]
Eddie Martin interview
Eddie Martin – live in the studio – Clouds Across The Sun ( Rebound Juliet ) – [ original version on Folk and Blues ]
Eddie Martin Big Band – Wannabe Me [ Looking Forward Looking Back ]
Simon McBride – Down To The Wire [ Nine Lives – Live ]
Navacross – Don’t Shout [ Navacross ]

Next live show is April 22nd when my studio guest will be Matt Woosey, check him out! http://www.mattwoosey.co.uk/

Also, please vote in the British Blues Awards too: http://britishbluesawards.co.uk/fromefm


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