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Latest podcast and playlist

The podcast link for my February 26th show plus the playlist:

http://fromefm.co.uk/pcasts/media/120226-bluestrain-bluestrain.mp3 is the mp3 podcast link for my latest show from the Sunday just gone. The next live show will be March 11th where I will be rounding up some of the great UK releases, as well as a few from outside the UK again. The main theme for the latest show was mainly to play some of the great new artists from outside the UK.


Louisiana Red & Little Victor’s Juke Joint – Why Don’t You Come On Home [ CD: Memphis Mojo ]
Big Joe Shelton – Hole In Yo Soul [ Older I Get The Better I Was ]
The BluesBlasters – Alabama Train [ The Very Best of Dutch Blues ]
Riyen Roots – Pumpkin Pie [ Born Blue ]
John Pippus – Those Five Days [ single ]
Mud Dog – River Of My Soul [ River Of My Soul ]
Tricia Freeman – Mama He Treats Your Daughter Bad [ Everyone Can See ]
Sandy Atkinson – Heart Stomping Blues [ Collection ]
Carolyn Fe Blues Collective – Original Sin [ Original Sin ]
Half Blind Lefty – Leaving Spaces [ The Very Best of Dutch Blues ]
John Lyons Band – I Need Your Lovin’ [ Natural Blues ]
Travis Colby Band – Look Out! [ Quick Fix ]
Matt Hill – Children ( That Ain’t Mine ) [ On The Floor ]
Skunk Jive – Don’t Be So Quick [ Scratch It ]

I’d appreciate any sharing of links that you can help with!

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