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I am very pleased to announce another station will be taking Blues Train as part of their schedules! Acoustic Spectrum Radio is due to launch online on April 1st and aims to be a platform for Indie artists mainly in the areas of blues, roots, folk, acoustic and singer/songwriter. Backed by Red Dragon Records [ website coming soon http://www.reddragonrecords.com/ ] and Fatea Magazine [ http://www.fatea-magazine.co.uk/ ] and based in Poole, this is an exciting idea and I feel privileged to have been contacted and asked if I would like to be part of it.

Again, thank you to Phil Moakes at FromeFM for agreeing – Blues Train will always be a FromeFM production and live show and this will be even more so on FM. At the same time, it is a reflection on the quality of programmes produced at FFM that other stations feel we are good enough for their schedules.

Once launched, Blues Train will air every other Wednesday night at 8pm UK time, which is a great slot as it avoids most other blues shows online. More details about the launch as I get them.

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