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New Zealand Blues & Roots Special

My live show for February 12th is a themed special concentrating on blues and roots from New Zealand – I’ve played plenty of artists from Australia in the last year and through that, found that there are loads of great musicians over in NZ too. Most of them have a hugely interesting background and as I can’t tell you everything about them during the show, thought I would leave you the links to their websites here. Please try and investigate these great artists, see what they are all about and feel free to buy their music!

The show is LIVE on http://www.fromefm.co.uk 4-5pm UK time on the 12th Feb – the podcast link will be posted here during the following week and the repeats on KCOR and Charlietown Blues follow as usual.

http://www.blues.co.nz/ and http://nzmusic.org.nz/artists/search/?genre=35 are great resources for finding artists.

The Flaming Mudcats http://www.theflamingmudcats.com/

Mike Garner http://www.mikegarner.co.nz/

Carol Bean http://www.carolbean.com/

Riverhead Slide http://www.riverheadslide.com/

Nate Taiapa http://thebluesroom.blogspot.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/thebluesroom/

Darcy Perry Band http://www.darcyperry.co.nz/

Dave Murphy http://www.myspace.com/davemurphyblues

L’il Ian Goodsman http://www.iangoodsman.com/

Heart Attack Alley http://heartattackalley.bandcamp.com/ [ download a couple of free tracks here ]

Darren Watson & The Real Deal Blues Band http://www.darrenwatson.com/

Brian Glamuzina & Stingray http://www.rootsmusic.co.nz/harmonicamasters/artists.htm & http://www.myspace.com/stingraycampbell

The Thomas Oliver Band http://www.thethomasoliverband.com/

The Blues Buffet http://www.bluesbuffet.co.nz/

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