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FromeFM Rocks!

So…the end of year report has arrived from FromeFM Towers and I wanted to share the news, not just regarding Blues Train but the whole station.

Basically, for a small community station not even on FM yet, we have done brilliantly! Our mains stats are based on the ‘listen again’ feature, where shows are ‘clickable’ for people to listen when its suits them. I know that many community stations don’t have this, even those on FM and so if you can’t tune in to a show live, you miss out. For us it is so much easier to share our shows and we should all be very grateful – indeed, some shows now have a direct iTunes link as well [ you can subscribe to all shows on iTunes via their FFM pages too ].

On Demand (i.e listen again and podcast downloads)
·         24938  'on demand' listens to our shows in 2011 (14610 in 2010). Increase of 71% increase in on demand takeup.

Listen Now (i.e follows the broadcast schedule in real time).
·         Unique visitors, counted monthly = 6564 for the year (4665 in 2010). Increase of 41%.
·         Bandwidth consumed (i.e how much did they listen to) = 322GB (200GB in 2010). Increase in takeup of 61%

FromeFM gets to broadcast on full FM in 2012 - hopefully by May - so we just need to get more people aware of our presence and things can surely only get even better!

As for BLUES TRAIN itself...well...at the start, I realistically thought 50 every show would be a reasonable audience for a small new show that can't go out weekly. So to read this morning that the show has been downloaded from FFM sources over 3700 times in 2011 is amazing! Remember - this is not a weekly show - its only since the end of November that I have even gone fortnightly, so to get that amount is awesome and much more than I could have hoped. Thank you to anyone that clicked the links. 
Blues Train is the Number One show on FromeFM, which is great considering how many fab shows we have there.
This figure doesn't include anyone that listened live to a show, or heard the show via KCOR and Charlietown Blues either. It means a lot to me, to know at least someone is listening. The only frustration being that a weekly show would be much easier to plug and keep in people's minds and so with that in mind, I may never reach the audiences that the show deserves. Listening to the other shows out there, I know the music I feature is on a par with any of them, on a pro rata basis at least! So I now need to find new ways to keep this thing going.
OH! Also well over 3000 hits on the blog!!

I feel I have only scratched the surface with the show - still loads of places to plug it - loads of people have yet to hear it. That will be my goal for 2012.
In the meantime - may I now wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you for all the amazing support so far!

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