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Where to listen to the Blues!

This is a list of Blues Jocks, as compiled by Kevin Beale at Blues In The Marsh – thanks Kev. Its a starting point on what is happening in the world of blues online and on FM. The links will be websites to find more details of showtimes.

PAUL STILES – http://ukbluestoday.co.uk/  http://radioseagull.com/  &  http://bluesfromoxford.com/




KEVIN BEALE – BLUES ON THE MARSH – www.lookerradio.co.uk , www.goldoldies.com ,www.kconlineradio.com , www.cjim.ca


IAN MCHUGHES –  BLUES IS THE TRUTH – www.ukjazzradio.com


BLUESSHOWBOB WILLIAMS – GTFM Blues Show www.gtfm.co.uk 107.9 FM


LES YOUNG – Wall to Wall Blues www.penistonefm.co.uk


DEB MAGIN – DOWNTOWN DEB www.goldoldies.com


DAVE MULLINS – www.goldoldies.com


GARY BLUE – STAR BLUES   www.star107.co.uk


JIMMY CARLYLE – Hambones’ Blues Rumshack podcast  therumshack.com


STEVE PORTER – STEVE PORTER SHOW  www.kconlineradio.com


ASHWYN SMYTH – Digital Blues  www.gateway978.com  www.kconlineradio.com http://digitalblues.podomatic.com/  http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/digital-blues-podcasts/id483385993


GARY GRAINGER – Blues Show www.bishopfm.com  www.lookerradio.co.uk http://thumbrella.blogspot.com/2011/11/blues-show-134-playlist-stream.html


STEVE SPOULOS – KRVM’s Breakfast With The Blues http://tunein.com/radio/KRVM-FM-919-s35183/


KEVIN BLACK – BLACK ON BLUES  www.blackonblues.com


KEVIN HARDY – MAIN STREET BLUES  www.kconlineradio.com  www.lookerradio.co.uk


DENNIS HEAPE – www.my105fm.com


BOB BLUES – www.dekadance-radio.com


TONY NIGHTINGALE – BLUES UNLIMITED – www.llincolncityradio.com


DAVE WATKINS –   BLUES TRAIN www.ctownblues.com  www.kconlineradio.com www.fromefm.co.uk   http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/fromefm-blues-train/id482994881


TIM AVES – BLUES IS BACK www.saintfm.org.uk


MARTIN CLARKE – THE BLUES SESSION www.kconlineradio.com  www.radiowey.co.uk


CLIFF MCKNIGHT – Nothing But The Blues  http://www.nothingbuttheblues.co.uk/


DAVE RAVEN  – RAVEN AND BLUES  http://www.raven.dj/


BEARDO DAMES – Bandana Blues with Beardo & Spinner http://beardo1.libsyn.com/


RoadRash BluesShow Terry Knott – www.kconlineradio.com , www.coventgardenradio.com ,www.radioukinternational.com  ,www.hotmix106.com , www.heartfmspain.com ,www.roadrashbluesshow.podomatic.com


Murphys Saloon Blues – http://murphyssaloon.libsyn.com/


STAN COCKERAM – BLUES  http://www.thepark.fm/


IAN MCKENZIE – Blues in the South with Ian McKenzie  http//www.phonic.fmwww.bluesinthesouth.com


PAUL JONES – PAUL JONES SHOW  http://www.bbc.co.uk/


MONDO BLUES – http://www.radiofreenashville. org/


PAUL OCONNEL  Blues Experience – www.silkfmspain.com


MARION MILLER Lady Plays the Blues  – www.stroudfm.co.uk/


NICK DOW Lancashire Bluenotes  – www.bbc.co.uk/program mes/p001d74y


TONY STEIDLER- DENNISON – The Roadhouse  – http://roadhousepodca st.com/


Salty Dog Blues and Roots Australia – www.salty.com.au/


CHELSEA LEE – WHOB www.whobradio.com


GRAEME MCDONALD – www.cjim.ca


DANIEL IORIO – www.cjim.ca


Bluzndablood Dave – The BluzNdaBlood Show http://bluzndablood.com/   www.kconlineradio.com


TROY SCHELL – www.kconlineradio.com


CLAIR DELUNE – Blues Moon Radio – www.wusc.sc.edu


Chefjimi Patricola –  http://www.blues411.com


Legass Whob – WHOB www.whobradio.com


Terence Lane Slagle – Blues On The Stoop http://www.theworldofblues.com/


Francis Louie Chiefe Mangubat – http://iradiopilipinas.com/

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