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Latest News….

The first bit of news is that I managed to get the show onto iTunes somehow, so I think that is quite cool! You could have pressed a button at the FromeFM.co.uk end but there was no direct links and, well, its just nice to have a page on iTunes!

Click me!

Next, the FromeFM Stats have been released for the period up until the end of October and Blues Train is the Number One show on the station! Its not something I will make too much of, as we are a team at FFM and there are many other great shows that don’t get high figures but are still fab. At the same time, it is nice to know. October had 470 downloads [ the Stats don’t show anyone who listened live or via KCOR etc…] which, I believe, is a FFM record.

So a big thank you to everyone. I may never get massive audiences but when I started out, I hoped for between 50-100 each time, so anything extra is a bonus. Overall, we have had 2282 downloads, which is superb for what was a monthly show.

Some other bits from the email I received:

A tub thumping 19952 ‘on demand’ listens. The same period in 2010 had 11789 listens – so we’re 70% up on last year.

Here are the on demand stats for FFM shows up to the end of Oct. A tub thumping 19952 ‘on demand’ listens. The same period in 2010 had 11789 listens – so we’re 70% up on last year. If the economy was growing by this much, then we’d all be in-line for retiring at 25 and getting a free car with every gallon of petrol.

What about general web traffic ? Google Analytics tells us that the FFM website has received 18293 visits this year so far from 8721 unique visitors. 45% of those visitors are new, 55% returning.

88% of our visitors are from the UK. Interestingly 21% are from Frome, 12% from London, 11% from Bristol and 4.5 % from Bath. For some strange reason Kensington is listed separately from London and we have 2% from there.

We get 5% of our visits from the US (Washington, California and Missouri at the top of the list).

Weird factoid of the year so far – we have had more visits from Milwaukee than from Bagshot. Actually I’m not sure if that is weird!

The most used mobile device accessing our website is the iPhone, followed by the iPad and then HTC Desire.


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