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Now also on Charlietown Blues Radio!

I can now proudly announce that as of November 25th 2011, you can also find BLUES TRAIN via CHARLIETOWN BLUES as well! I was approached by Todd Powers, the owner, after he heard the last podcast and he said he liked what he heard and would like the show to be part of his schedules.

The station has been going around a year and is slowly growing – listed on iTunes and Windows Media and has been selected as a Top Station by Windows Media twice already.

Check the website out by clicking the image or http://www.ctownblues.com/ – you can find the station on Apps such as TuneIn Radio as well, so you can listen at anytime.  I believe the times will be as follows: Friday 10am CST or 4pm UK time and Tuesday 1pm CST or 7pm UK time. ( I think I worked that out correctly – keep checking for updates here and on Facebook ).

I am looking for one or maybe two further stations to take the show – preferably Australia / New Zealand and then either Canada or somewhere in Europe. If anyone has any leads or tips, please let me know!

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