New Blues Train podcast out now!

So – the first of the fortnightly editions of your favourite podcast!


Its first airing is on November 5th and so expect fireworks on this show – some truly fantastic tunes for you to listen to and enjoy and hopefully share. I’m average but that isn’t why you tune in! I’ve tried to bring you as many styles as possible and hopefully some tracks you may not have heard before….


L.R Phoenix – Morning Train – ( CD: The Hollow Log of Capt. Richard Wolfe )

Mark Lemhouse – No-one Can Forgive Me But My Baby ( Big Lonesome Radio )

Savoy Brown – Shockwaves ( Voodoo Moon )

Liam Tarpey – Krypto Blues ( Warm Up My Bones )

Isaiah B Brunt – Ain’t No Rolling Stone ( EP )

Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson – Won’t Be Too Late ( Beauty N The Beast )

Mama Kaz Band – I’m Coming Home ( Sessions )

Brunning Sunflower Blues Band – Own Up ( Best Of )

Woody & The Bluepackers – Back In The Night ( Porch )

Absolution – Bringing Her Back Home ( Issues )

Navacross – Don’t Shout – ( Navacross )

Sena Ehrhardt – Last Chance ( Leave The Light On )

NEXT SHOW DUE – from November 20th.

2 comments on “New Blues Train podcast out now!

  1. Woooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo Thank you so much buddy! your a Star & we are humbled you played our song xx

  2. Gr8 show Dave, Luv the way you guys give loadsa info on the bands ❤

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