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Friend of the stars!!

I'm on the left 🙂

It is rare that I get to be a name dropper, so I’ll take this opportunity! I was lucky enough to be able to meet up with the one and only Mr Paul Jones this evening at the Frome Memorial Theatre, ahead of his gig with the Manfreds. I was offered the chance of a full radio interview but the joys of community radio meant that no-one was available to open the studio at the requested time!

However, Paul kindly agreed to take a couple of minutes to say hello before the gig, although he was running a bit late in the end – the reason: his wife had broken down ( well, her car had! ) back home and he had to make the call to the RAC to get her sorted!!  By the time he arrived, the band were on stage waiting to do the soundcheck but he made sure we had a few minutes to speak. He asked about FromeFM and was interested when he saw I went out on KCOR as well. He recorded a voice tag for the show, so listen out for that and signed a couple of autographs, as well as posing for the photo. A very nice man!


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