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New podcast available now!

The Blues Train Radio podcast for September 2011 is now available at the following link:


Click it now and spread the word!


The Mojo Corner


The Mojo Corner – Lone Rider ( CD – Trouble )

David Sinclair Trio – Loneliness [ Wont Leave Me Alone ] ( Take Me There )

Chris Watson Band – Just For Show ( EP )

Alex McKown – Sick and Tired ( Crossing Boundaries )

Big Mamma’s Door – I Don’t Even Care ( Handbagged )

Low Society – Crazy Love ( High Time )

Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Born In Chicago ( Paul Butterfield Blues Band )

Albert King – Cold Feet ( The Very Best of Albert King )

Jon Amor Blues Band – You Know It’s Only Love ( Jon Amor Blues Band )

Dave Jackson Band – Born Again Bluesman ( Dave Jackson Band )

The Blue Voodoo – Can’t Stay Here No More ( Outside Looking In )

Andres Roots Roundabout / L.R Phoenix – Concrete Factory Blues ( Leighs’ Spider Jam )

The Black Sheep – Jeff Bin In ( Sessions )

Moneymaker – Shallow *RADIO EXCLUSIVE* ( forthcoming album )

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