British Blues Awards – Results

The results have now been announced, so I can reveal them for you here!

I should add that the Blues Broadcaster of the Year went to Paul Jones at Radio Two. Runner-Up was my friend GARY GRAINGER and The Blues Show at BishopFM / KCOR. Massive congratulations to Gary, who has helped me no end – I guess the reality is, Gary is the winner in the non-national, non-professional broadcaster list!! Edit: Just found that Tim Aves ‘The Blues Is Back’ on SaintFM, came third in this one, so well done Tim and your team for this!

Male Vocalist:  – 1st Ian Siegal, 2nd Oli Brown, 3rd Marcus Bonfanti

Female Vocal – 1st Joanne Shaw Taylor, 2nd Sandi Thom, 3rd Connie Lush

Band – 1st Oli Brown Band, 2nd Ian Siegal Band, 3rd Matt Schofield Band

Guitar – 1st Matt Schofield, 2nd Robin Trower, 3rd Oli Brown

Harmonica – 1st Paul Jones, 2nd Giles King, 3rd Paul Lamb

Keyboard – 1st Jonny Henderson, 2nd Paddy Milner 3rd Bennett Holland

Bass – 1st Andy Graham, 2nd Fergie Fulton, 3rd Silas Maitland

Drums – 1st Wayne Proctor, 2nd Alan Taylor, 3rd Paul Hamilton

Instrument Other – 1st Son Henry, 2nd Patsy Gamble, 3rd Kyla Brox

Young Artist – 1st Chantel McGregor, 2nd Oli Brown, 3rd Ben Poole

Blues Festival – 1st Colne, 2nd Blues On The Farm, 3rd Maryport

Overseas Artist – 1st Joe Bonamassa, 2nd Walter Trout, 3rd Buddy Whittington

Album –
1st Heads I Win Tails You Lose – Oli Brown
2nd Merchants and Thieves – Sandi Thom
3rd Porchlight – Todd Sharpville

Kevin Thorpe Songwriter Award –
1st Same As It Never Was – Joanne Shaw Taylor
2nd Lousy Husband – Todd Sharpville
3rd Everything I Want – Ben Poole

2 comments on “British Blues Awards – Results

  1. chantel mcgregor beat oli brown to young blues artist of the year

    • Hi Kevin – thanks for popping by! Although I’m sure it says that Chantel won that category! ( Hope so anyway, as it was cut and pasted straight from the Blues Awards people themselves! )

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