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Tim Aves & Wolfpack new album details

Tim Aves is quite talented! Not only does he present The Blues Is Back on Saint FM every Sunday night but he also a madly accomplished musician too, mainly as a front man and harp player but with added geetar! He has recorded, along with a load of talented people – see below – a new CD with his band Wolfpack.

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Thanks for your interest in the new WOLFPACK album, “The WOLFPACK Burnham Sessions”  – 13 tracks…more than 70 minutes of red-hot blues!
The full track listing/credits is as follows:
1. Down in the Bottom (Dixon)
2. Poor Boy (Dixon)
3. Forty-Four (Burnett)
4. Fulltime Lover (Wilson)
5. Do the Do (Dixon)
6. Killing Floor (Burnett)
7. Hidden Charms (Dixon)
8. Tail Dragger (Burnett)
9. 300lbs of Heavenly Joy (Dixon)
10. Life by the Drop (Bramhall)
11. Kindhearted Woman (Johnson)
12. Robert Johnson’s Shoes (Aves)

13. Smokestack Lightnin’ (Burnett)*
(Live bonus track)
Tim Aves: vocals, harmonica, guitar
Paul Lester: drums
Rob “Tank” Barry: bass
Joel Fisk: guitar
Dale Storr: keyboards on tracks 3, 8 & 10
Recorded May/June 2011 at the famous Saint Studios, Burnham-on-Crouch,
Essex, England, by the brilliant and endlessly patient Pete Crisp
Mastered by Pete Reynolds
Dale Storr’s keyboards recorded at Swan Yard Studio, Sheffield
*Track 13 – Recorded live at the New Crawdaddy Club, Essex, by Johnny H
Square One Records, Square 034
Online marketing (both CDs and downloads) will be set up very soon, but in the meantime, if anyone wants to buy an early copy you can say it will be available from me at tim.aves@virgin.net for £10 + £2 p+p. 

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