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Blues News Round-Up

With so many fantastic songs to fit into the show and only one hour a month to do it in, I am thinking that I really should at least let you know as much artist news as I can, so the least you can do is investigate from here!

Click for website

I was hoping that we could get a track from the brand new album from The Producers – ‘London Blues’ – but the production has been delayed slightly. Fingers crossed, it’s just about done and dusted now, so lets hope the September 10th show will have something. In the meantime, check their website out, as they are gigging in loads of places here in the UK and are well worth checking out.

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One of the most versatile of all the up and coming UK artists is Chantel McGregor – her album ‘Like No Other’ varies from blues, to rock, to almost pop and is well worth checking out. She is also all over Facebook, so best ‘like’ her page ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chantel-McGregor/85044631075?ref=ts ) to keep up with her news, from gigs to music. I will be definitely featuring music from Chantel as we go along.

On tour

Jim Soars has been in touch to plug tour dates for some great up and coming UK talent. Starting with Krissy Matthews, who we played on the show not too long ago, is the first one to check out – click his photo above and it should take you to his tour page. If not , http://krissymatthews.com/krissy/ should take you to his news page instead. A great live performer with some very original songs, well worth checking out.

Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor is a talented musician, not straight up blues by any means but a top songwriter with songs full of meaning. Click the photo or: http://www.seantaylorsongs.com/gigs.php to find out where he is playing near you.

Ben Poole

Ben Poole has also been featured on a previous Blues Train and is another cool young Brit guitar player to look out for. The photo is of Ben on stage at Donington Download 2010 Festival – just click to be taken to his tour dates page.

Check this one out!

A band that have made a great big huge wobbly SPLASH on the blues rock scene over the last month or so, are Virgil and the Accelerators. The new CD, ‘The Radium’, is one of the best I have been sent recently and it was immediately put into the car CD player to play full blast! Opening track, Working Man, start fairly traditionally, before an awesome guitar riff kicks in and a great rocking blues rock track follows. The next couple of tracks are immediate blasts of uptempo rocking – the song ‘Backstabber’ has made it into various radio playlists I believe. ’88’ is a very cool song, one of the bluesiest on the CD. Low Down and Dirty is perhaps the centre piece of the album, in the middle and epic. Some more cool rockers are up next before the amazing end song, Silver Giver, around eight minutes of thrilling instrumental guitar.

This is one band that can cross over several genres and appeal to blues, rock and general music fans. Please check the website out and see where you can find the band across the UK very soon. And buy the CD while you are there!

Mighty Boss Cats

Richard Townend has been in touch to say that the current CD from The Mighty Boss Cats – Ticket Of Life – has been given a cool review in the new edition of Blues Matters magazine. Click the image to go to their website and read the review, as well as to find loads more info about the band and Richards’ solo work too.

One of the very coolest bands we have featured are The Wildcards and I’d like to let you know about their brand new Reverbnation page, which has loads of music and info on. Just click the image and have a look. Find their tour dates here: http://www.wildcardsweb.com/shows.html



Cherry Lee Mewis

Finally on this round-up, yet another previous artist on our playlist, the wonderful Cherry Lee Mewis, is back on tour around the UK, including various festivals, so please click here: http://www.cherryleemewis.com/calendar.html and see all the details. There are brand new t-shirts available from the website too.

More news as we get it!


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