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Stats not bad!

The latest download figures for FromeFM have just been announced and Blues Train has done ok! The station doesn’t release figures for anyone listening in live, just the numbers for how many people tuned in via ‘listen again’. For the six BT programmes between the debut in January, to June inclusive, there was 1140 downloads, making us the second rated show on the station!

February and June were the two largest individual editions with well over 300 for both. The highest rated show was Bass Radio, with 1335 downloads, just for comparison. The figures for July have not been finalised yet, so bearing in mind we put out two full editions and also the Jon Amor interview, things will hopefully keep progressing.

Station Manager Phil Moakes said: ” The great news is that the total figure for the first 6 months of 2011 is almost as much as all of 2010. We’ve had 11452 ‘listens’ so far in 2011 (excluding July which isn’t over yet) and we had 14610 throughout all 12 months of 2010. By the end of June 2010 (the same period) we had achieved 5925 so we’re running at about 193% of last year or a 93% increase.


To put this into perspective – if we were a shop we would have almost doubled our business in 6 months. This is good news for our sponsors because it means that there are far more visitors to our site.


We are brilliant.”

There is still so many unexplored avenues for Blues Train to find, so its great we are doing ok but knowing we will hopefully keep improving. As always, we are not the only good show on FromeFM, so please take time to click the link and see what else we can offer!


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