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Lots of links!

Usually I have to post one direct link at a time, as there is a time limit on these – once the next show is ready, they are not accessible directly, only via the main fromefm.co.uk Blues Train page. However, this month I can give you three links, as I have made three programmes on different pages of the website, so these links should stay direct!

So…first off…the Frome Festival Special that I did on July 9th – see the Playlist page for full details on this one – it was a chance to re-visit some of the best artists to feature so far, play some that hadn’t been on yet, plus a couple of bonus new tracks too:


Then on July 13th, I was lucky enough to be able to chat to JON AMOR, formerly of The Hoax and now solo and part of the Jon Amor Blues Group – the interview can be heard at the following link – Jon also played a great acoustic track for us as well:




Jon Amor - click for website


The current show has just been released and again, the full playlist is posted on that page here.


This will also be the debut show for Kansas City Online Radio, from this Thursday – 7pm UK time – so watch out for that. As always, I am on the look out for new music all the time, so please send any mp3 or WAV files to: BluesTrainRadio@gmx.com or if you prefer to post me a promo CD, find the details on the ‘About FromeFM’ page.

As with all community radio presenters, your support, help and feedback make a huge difference – it is great to know people are listening and hopefully enjoying what we do. Every single click on these links helps us – it means we know people are there and it also shows potential sponsors that we are worth backing. So PLEASE help, click the link and then spread the word to anyone you can think of!

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