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Blues Train News

Here is a round-up of the latest news for your information:


July 16th 7-8pm UK time is the regular BT show for ya – with the usual mix of new and old; the very best blues mix we can find. July 9th 8-9pm UK time is an extra BT – a Frome Festival Special, no less. For this one, I will present some of the artists that have been featured so far on the show – not exactly a ‘best of’, as I have liked pretty much all the music played and can’t fit them all in! But we will re-visit some of the bands played that need t0 be heard again. It will also give me a chance to air a few tracks that we have not been able to fit in so far and finally, there will be tracks from Jon Amor and Sandi Thom, who both are playing at the Festival over the next week.

http://www.fromefm.co.uk/ is your one stop shop for loads of FromeFM special shows – click Programmes < Frome Festival and you will see a list of what is happening. Of special interest might be Gaz and Rach ( of Jazz Lunch fame ) on Monday 11th at 7pm, with their

The Jiving, Rock’n’roll, Rhythm and Blues Show.


Jon Amor is playing a solo gig at the Olive Tree in Frome on Wednesday 13th at about 9pm – he has kindly agreed to meet me for a chat beforehand. The recording will be played on the show as soon as it is edited and available. I have also spoken with Eddie Martin, who has agreed to bring his guitar in for a couple of tracks, hopefully on either the August or September shows – watch this space for confirmation. But it’s quite exciting to be branching out in this way.


I am hoping to announce soon that BT will soon be available on an extra platform, excuse the pun! Negotiations are going on behind the scenes, although I don’t want to curse things by saying much else right now. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I can reveal all!


I am hoping to be able to offer a very limited edition BT t-shirt very soon. It’ll be as cheap as chips as well. Once the design and cost has been confirmed, I will let you know but if anyone might be mad enough to want one, let me know here or via our Facebook page.


There are so many great established blues shows on the WWW, it is really tough to get yourself heard sometimes. I have been lucky enough to have had help and support from many other presenters and artists and I realise to get my name known alongside these shows is a long term plan. The hardest bit is to get regular listeners who want to hear the latest show, so if you have ideas or can help spread the word to your friends, please do so. Every click helps for all shows, all good feedback also means a big deal as well.



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