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So far, we have only been able to pre-record Blues Train each month, due to various reasons. This has been done just a couple of days ahead of broadcast and is done ‘as live’ for editing purposes but we have obviously lacked the opportunity to interact with anyone listening live.

The good news is, as of the May 21st programme, we will be going out fully live in the studio!

The time changes slightly – between 7-8pm – just before the Boo! Teak show and the Live Sessions / Acoustic Lounge programme. Hopefully we can encourage people to listen live on the night and get some emails going!

As a lot of musicians seem to be preferring to send tracks via email more and more, if anyone does wish to do this, the place to send to is: davewatkins67@hotmail.co.uk . mp3 is fine, WAV even better but it will remain that CD is the best and easiest way for us to play music!


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