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First show feedback…..

Its been a couple of weeks since the first Train rolled into town and the feedback has been awesome! Considering this has been my very first attempt at presenting a blues show, some of the messages have been great to see and I thank everyone for this.

Here are some of the comments I have seen:

Mark Phillips Great show Dave, thanks for the airplay and good luck for the future – I’ll be tuning in next week !

Jamie Gray great job. i listened twice and reposted…no i wasn’t bored it was that good. and i am rootin for Karen Lovely to go far~

Peter Ellison – Love the show Dave. Keep on rockin’ the blues!

Dave Arcari – Grand job!

JJ Sharp – Great show, thanks for playing a track of 12BBB (Twelve Bar Blues Band)

Russ Tippins – Thanks a lot Dave – sounding good, well done man. Enjoyed the show.

Nick Hamilton – [ Lewis Hamilton & The Boogie Brothers ] – Off to a wicked start methinks. I’ll get some tracks to you over the next couple of weeks mate

Lori Haynes – Pretty Pear Records [ Karen Lovely ] – I am so looking forward to listening to you!

Jerry DaCosta – Great first Blues Train – look forward to the next! Also, give a shout out to your fellow presenters who are airing a great selection of music too!

Andres Roots – Sure seems the blues is enjoying an upsurge in popularity 😉

Geoff Everett Band –

Just heard the first broadcast from Blues Train. Professional, accessible and…entertaining. Not sniffy and ‘blues purist’ but a down to earth exciting show. Tell that Russ Tippins I’ll cut his hands off ! Great band. Hope my CD arrived ok and look forward to hearing a track or two.

Just a reminder that the next show is due online on Feb 26th, from 8pm UK time – why not visit http://www.fromefm.co.uk/ and subscribe to every show via iTunes?? While there, check out some of the other great shows that we offer and always feel free to use our ‘donate’ button to help keep us going 🙂

Even over the last few days, I have been approached by artists in the UK, Estonia and Finland with a view to getting their music on the show, so its great to be reaching out that far. All I can promise is to do the best I can to plug what great music there is out there.

Please keep spreading the word and getting people you know to join our Facebook group for all the latest news:


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