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Schedule details

The 2011 FromeFM schedule has now been announced – well, at least it has to all the presenters! I will assume the full list would be available via the main FromeFM website in due course. http://www.fromefm.co.uk/

As mentioned below, the date and day for Blues Train has now changed to a Saturday night from the 29th January, every four weeks from then.

The way FromeFM currently works, is on a four week rota and every weekend will feature different programming. Please take some time to look around our website – there are around 800 shows on ‘listen again’ and some of these will interest Blues fans I’m sure.

Each weekend has a colour attached, so we daft presenters can colour code our slots! The Blues Train weekend has been allocated to ‘Purple Saturday’ which is looking like a great nights scheduling.

6pm [ UK time ] will be THE WOODSTOCK GENERATION, playing all the music from that era – the 7pm slot is still to be confirmed at the time of going to press, then BLUES TRAIN will be hitting the tracks between 8-9pm. Following on from me will be the popular FROME FM ACOUSTIC LOUNGE hosted by Pierre Shepherd – the artists on here vary from month to month but music wise, often will interest blues and general music fans. The evening ends with the HIP HOP SHOW which may or may not interest you but is a very good show at what it covers.

Looking at a few other shows that you should really check out – Rachels’ Sunday Jazz Lunch is on between 2-3pm as of January 30th and every four weeks following and often has some bluesey tracks as well. Come On Lets Rock has now moved to a Saturday night slot between 10.30-midnight, with hosts Mark and Rob and a whole lotta rock on there – from Jan 15th onwards. The Gaz and Mark Show can feature any style of music but Gaz is a Blues nut, so often features this style – Sunday 30th Jan onwards, 9-10.30pm.

I could go on but as mentioned, the best thing to do is find the FromeFM website, then ‘Programmes’ and just have a look through!

Just to confirm the dates for the 2011 BLUES TRAIN then – 29 Jan, 26 Feb, 26 March, 23 April, 21 May, 18 June, 16 July [ this is during the Frome Festival week, so we may be able to sort out an extra show or a longer special – watch this space ], 13 August, 10 September, 8 October, 5 November, 3 December, 14 Jan 2012, 11 Feb 2012.

Remember that all shows will be pre-recorded for the time being, which will usually take place a couple of days beforehand on the preceding Thursday evening – bear this in mind for any requests you might have!


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