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New date just announced

The 2011 FromeFM schedules have been re-jigged this weekend and I have just been informed that BLUES TRAIN will now be going out between 8-9pm as of Saturday 29th January and then every four weeks after that. Of course, you will be able to ‘listen again’ via http://www.fromefm.co.uk pretty much any time from that date on the BLUES TRAIN section.

Apologies for the switch in dates, especially for those that added the original dates to websites and newsletters but I personally feel a Blues show is more at home on a Saturday night slot, than a Sunday afternoon, even allowing for the download facility.

Following BLUES TRAIN, will be the popular FROME FM ACOUSTIC LOUNGE with Pierre Shepherd, which fits in nicely with us. It could easily be that Pierre will feature Bluesey type artists from time to time anyway.  As soon as the rest of the nights schedule is confirmed, I will pass on the other shows as well – there is tons of goodness on FromeFM so please take the time to browse.

It's a Blues World!

We have had some great help so far and among the people that have offered me their music, are Clare Free, Jon Amor, Krissy Matthews, Dani Wilde, The Hightown Crows, Stompin’ Dave, Larry Miller, Russ Tippins, Gwyn Ashton – with hopefully more to follow. Various people that currently present radio shows online already have offered advice – thanks to them all and I will plug as many shows as I can as we go along.

The programme has been featured in Blues In Britain Magazine and the Blues In The South newsletter – thanks to both and please make sure you check both of them out. I have added a few links to the Facebook page, of other websites and people that have helped:

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blues-Train-FromeFM/139492959434995 – please click this link and join up if you have yet to do so! The list is growing slowly but I would love a lot more people to know about us!

Don’t forget that any promo CDs can be posted to me via the main station address: Frome FM, The Old Fire Station, Christchurch Street West, Frome, BA11 1EH. Leave any requests for tracks in the comments box or via Facebook.

Thanks for the support so far – showtime is not far away!

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